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Postgraduate Scholarship Tracer Study

Together with the Directorate for Programme Implementation of the Ministry for Education and Employment the NCFHE carried out a tracer study amongst awardees of the various scholarships schemes offered by the Government of Malta​ for individuals wishing to undertake studies at postgraduate level. This included beneficiaries of the Malta GovernmentScholarships Scheme Postgraduate, the Strategic Educational Pathways Scholarships Scheme and MASTER it! The research itself was supported through ESF project 1.225 - MASTER it!

The aim of this research was to collect information on the conditions of the scholarship awardees during their studies and their pathways after completion both in terms of their professional and academic development. For this purpose, the research included both current beneficiaries and those, who already completed the programme for which they received the scholarship. This information was sought in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the scholarships schemes, their impact on the social and economic development of the country as a whole and suggest potential future improvements of the scholarships schemes.

The research was based on an online survey among all current and former beneficiaries of the above-mentioned scholarships schemes, which amounted to a total of 1,977 awardees. The data was collected between 14th April 2015 and 10th May 2015.