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This report outlines the strategic thrusts for further and higher education development in Malta until 2020. It outlines the socio-economic and educational challenges being faced and the national and international contexts within which education is developing.​

This strategy is embedded within the overall strategic direction of the proposed Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta for 2014 to 2024 and aims to deliver specific targets with regard to Higher Education leading to qualifications at Malta Qualifications Framework Level 5 or higher. The NCFHE is the entity repsonsible for the implementation of such strategy. 
This policy builds upon the achievements in the VET sector over the last few years. VET has become a key factor in enabling the educational sector to remain continuously proactive and receptive to the needs of local industry, thereby becoming an important player in Malta's economic growth. The Malta College for Arts, Sciences and Technology (MCAST) is the entity responsible for the implementation of such policy.